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Attractive property for sell

Situated in the tame hills of Zagorje in Ivanić Košnički near Desnić, Veliki Tabor, Grešne Gorice and Olimia spa is a beautiful property that spreads on the surface of 36.750 m2 (thirty-six thousand seven hundred and fifty square meters).

Near the property are medieval castles, popular spas, bicycle tracks, offroad terrains, hunting destinations, etc. The extraordinary position of the land makes it suitable for building objects for rest, ecological agriculture and herding, eco-tourism, etc.

The construction lot of the land is the approximately the size of 7000 m2, on which there is an old house fit for demolishing or reconstruction, and the foundations of the wooden house. The remaining surface of the land is made up of meadows, orchards and a mostly oak forest.

Act now!

This beautiful plot can be yours to build your dream home


Plot area

36.750 m2
thirty-six thousand seven hundred and fifty square meters

Approx. 395.574 sq feet
three hundred ninety-five thousand five hundred seventy-four


Ivanić Košnički
Municipality of Desinić
Krapinsko-zagorska county


Forest, medow, orchards, old wooden house, road, electricity, telephone line



OIB 12785981552, MBS 080569727
IBAN HR9823600001101910943
Temeljni kapital od 36000 kn uplaćen u cjelosti